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Are you looking for something exciting and fulfilling, with a pathway to develop a career?

At Archie’s we are hungry for you, if you’re hungry to work within a vibrant, fast-paced environment.

Its hands-on and fun, Archie’s provides you with training and progression programs to help you develop a successful career for an up and coming brand that is only continuing to grow and grow.

Here at Archie’s, we recognise that a great brand has even greater employees and so we invest in you.

Teamwork, drive and efficiency are the perfect ingredients for an Archie’s employee…could it be you?

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We asked current employees to give their testimonials on their experience working with Archie’s

“I have been working at Archie’s for almost 2 years now. I was 17 when I first started training and instantly knew that it was where I wanted to work. The training was in depth and well curated to ensure confidence along with the numerous E Learning Tests. As far as working at Archie’s goes, no two days are the same. A fast-paced working environment where you are guaranteed to meet great characters whether that be the customers you are serving, or Members within the Team you work in.”

Crew Member, Oxford Road Diner


“I’d just like to speak about my experience of my Archie’s adventure so far, I have had a positive experience from the very start my interview was nice and relaxed Ellen was great and so was Lydia. I felt really at home and got to express my experiences and desire. When starting my job, the training was really good, nothing pressurised, such a great company to work for. On my first week I meet the owners which is surreal, but they were amazing such nice down to earth people. I got to learn everything in my training from milkshakes to waffles and till work was nice and was really welcomed in Oxford Road such great people.”

“I then moved to my store with another great team and was again welcomed by the team, never once felt out of place so relaxed nice environment. I have been with the company now for 7 months now and have made General Manager after just 8/9 weeks and am absolutely loving the journey I am on have an amazing team and work for an amazing company. Every day is different and serving people and making their experience of eating at Archie’s is what drives me on to deliver the best guest experience possible. We are pushing as a company to grow the business and open more restaurants and I am delighted to be a part of it all.”

General Manager, Arndale


“Joining Archies has been an enriching journey from the start. The recruitment process was thorough and welcoming, allowing me to showcase my skills and personality. During onboarding, I felt seamlessly integrated into the company culture, with clear guidance on expectations and resources available. The training was comprehensive, providing me with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in my role. Everyone at Archie’s made me feel welcome and I felt like part of the team since day one. I was taught various parts of my role at a comfortable pace that gave me a chance to be more confident. Life at Archie’s is absolutely vibrant, there’s never a dull moment. Each day brings new experiences, providing ample opportunities for learning and personal growth. I enjoy working with a diverse team. The supportive environment and opportunities for growth make every day fulfilling.”

Crew Member, Oxford Road Diner